Humans and technology lead the way

AmWorld is a logistics business and we strive to keep improving how we work.  Business life currently mirrors a lot of what is happening in our life outside of work.  We are all getting information delivered to us in a personalised and timely manner.  It makes our lives easier and we can personalise nearly all forms of information to a style of our choice. In the world of international logistics it’s fair to say that our clients want to have more information from the start of a booking through to delivery.  We are continuing to personalise information for every client and every delivery.  The technology we have now integrated into our services has to work hand in hand with our people.  At the start of every order our customer service team can provide new and existing logistics clients a dedicated route to track orders and understand the exact status through a dedicated client login portal.  We wanted to build on this service and help our logistics and operations teams interact with clients collecting finite information which can improve the tracking process.  After a successful testing phase we are now using AmWorld’s first App. The App was written and developed to be the final part of our day to day logistics tracking program.  Now we can qualify details of an order in real-time.  AmWorld’s clients are now much closer to the exact information of their logistics solutions.  We are bringing clients closer to the logistics process through digital solutions, and they are enjoying it.  The next stage of our plans to keep innovating in logistics solutions is already underway.  So more to discuss soon.  AmWorld will continue to look at new ways to improve our international logistics and courier services with more digital investments around the corner.


Closing the gap on logistics

We are well and truly settled in AmWorld’s new headquarters at London Heathrow. The move to bigger premises has had a positive effect on our staff and levels of service. AmWorld’s main aim is to always provide a superior logistics service to clients looking for international solutions. The international courier and logistics industry is continuing to evolve, and AmWorld’s is now ready to move with it, and respond to these changes. Our logistics team understand some of the key challenges you may be facing currently, and experience tell us you may need a solution to one, or all of these logistics challenges.

“Can you manage more of the logistics puzzle for us?”

Our storage facility is a 60,000 square foot state of the art warehouse where we manage all our client stock. We palletise all the stock individually which can be called off by our clients daily or stay with us until you need it next. Our operations team work 24 hours a day sending goods all around the world as you need. We make sure all your items are checked and logged into our client tracking system correctly. This means you can monitor your parcel as soon as we receive it. Our operations team also record all the teams work in case we need to check any issues later.

“Can you help with our International event schedule?”

AmWorld are well versed in getting ready for a busy international event program, our team have worked on the Paris Games Show, E3 Los Angeles and many others around the world. AmWorld have a dedicated Event logistics team, who manage the busy and sometimes hectic client schedules. Planning is the key, and we like to work with clients at the outset of your event planning. Our international event knowledge, and experience of how to get things done within budget, stress free, is one of the reasons clients choose AmWorld.    
“We have to some send some large/small/dangerous/fragile packages….help!”
The rules and regulations for sending different goods around the world are a bit tricky, we agree… but AmWorld are here to help. It’s likely we have sent something similar, or exactly the same goods, to the same place very recently. So don’t panic. We can help you, no matter how difficult you may think the challenge is. 

“How are your logistics team set up to help us 24/7 if we need to react quickly?”

AmWorld has three departments; our customer sales team, logistics and storage, and operations staff. All of the teams are based at our international courier and logistics office at London Heathrow. The senior managers share the same office. The team manage all aspects of your logistics challenges, to meet your desired goals. AmWorld have a very experienced logistics team, who are passionate about staying connected to your logistics needs. If you have a logistics challenge you are about to tackle, please feel free to drop our sales team a line at or why not book a time to come and meet us here, at our new home! 

This is the AmWorld Blog

Hello we are AmWorld. We are an International Courier and Logistics business. Our business is the logistics backbone of many leading brands, agencies and private companies. AmWorld is a trusted logistics partner of Sony, EA Games, SAB Miller, Aberdeen Asset Management and Jimmy Choo.